What are the characteristics and applications of calcium and zinc stabilizers

Calcium and zinc stabilizer is also called high efficient and multi-functional calcium and zinc compound stabilizer, which is synthesized by special composite process with calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant and antioxidant as the main components.It is composed of metal soaps with calcium stearate and zinc stearate as the main body, supplemented with polyol ester, phosphite ester, ketone antioxidant or epoxy ester and a variety of lubricant components.At the same time, the calcium and zinc stabilizer strengthened the lubrication and gelation composition, improved the initial gelation of the non-plasticized PVC mixture system, and improved the internal and external lubrication balance in the middle and late period of extrusion, and realized the improvement of molten pressure, the promotion of gelation and moderate melt fluidity.It can not only replace toxic stabilizers such as Pb, Cd salts and organic tin, but also has good thermal stability, light stability, transparency and coloring power.In PVC resin products, good processing performance, thermal stability is equivalent to lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizer.

The calcium and zinc stabilizers are formulated with several materials: calcium diketone stearate, non-toxic phosphite, antioxidants, hydrotalcite and wax.

According to the production of different liquid and powder calcium zinc compound, choose slightly different raw materials, such as powder calcium zinc compound generally use powder class of non-toxic phosphite ester, mainly powder raw materials.

The production of liquid calcium and zinc generally choose non-toxic phosphite esters of liquid, mainly liquid raw materials.

Product Category

The appearance of calcium and zinc stabilizer is mainly powder, sheet and liquid.Calcium and zinc stabilizers are usually divided into solid calcium and zinc stabilizers and liquid calcium and zinc stabilizers.

Solid calcium and zinc stabilizer:

The appearance of calcium and zinc stabilizer is mainly white powder, sheet and paste.At present, the powder calcium zinc stabilizer is used as a non-toxic PVC stabilizer for a wide range of applications, often used in food packaging, medical equipment, wire and cable materials.At present, there are calcium and zinc stabilizers for PVC which can be used for hard pipes in China.

Powdery calcium zinc stabilizer is not as stable as lead salt, it has certain lubricity, poor transparency, easy to spray frost and so on.In order to improve its stability and transparency, antioxidants such as blocked phenols, polyols, phosphite esters and β-diketones are often added to improve the stability.
The two systems of calcium and zinc stabilizers are mainly hydrotalcite system and zeolite system.

Liquid calcium and zinc stabilizer:

The appearance of liquid calcium zinc stabilizer is mainly light yellow oily liquid.There is little difference between the stability of powder and liquid, liquid calcium zinc stabilizer usually has greater solubility, and has good dispersion in PVC powder, and the effect on transparency is far less than the powder stabilizer.However, there is a high risk of precipitation of liquid stabilizer.You need to choose the right solvent.

Product Features

1. The appearance of the product is light yellow powder, without the black appearance and odor of the raw material lanolin acid;It is compatible with PVC and has better thermal stability than other calcium and zinc stabilizers. It can replace calcium and zinc stearate.

2. The raw material source is wide, the cutting is low, the preparation process is simple and easy to operate.

3. Safe and environmentally friendly, lanolin acid itself is non-toxic and has moisture-retaining performance, it is the first time to use it as PVC stabilizer.
With PVC resin processing process has good dispersion, compatibility, processing liquidity, wide adaptability, excellent surface finish;Good stability effect, small dosage, with versatility;In white products, whiteness is better than its similar products.

The Product Application

Ca - Zn stabilizer is a kind of high - efficiency multi - function calcium - Zn compound stabilizer.Excellent thermal stability and transparency, no surface precipitation and migration phenomenon when used in PVC products, and the effect is better when used with heat resistant oil.It is suitable for PVC slurry processing, especially for enamelled products.This product not only has good compatibility and viscosity control, but also can provide good initial coloring and color retention.The product has proved to be an excellent heat stabilizer.It is soluble, low volatility, small migration and good light resistance. It is suitable for PVC products such as soft and hard pipes, granulation, calendered film and toys.

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