660 mill configuration table( 55 kW、75KW、90KW)

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The total price of the 55 kilowatt mill is 43,000RMB,75 kilowatt mill is 56,000RMB,90 kilowatt mill is 59,000 RMB (ALL INCLUDING TAX)

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1. Model 660 mill

2. Comminuted indoor warp (mm) 660 mm

3. Number of rotors (pieces) A set of 28 blades and 16 teeth plates. Material alloy steel)

4. Speed 3300 RPM

5. The main motor power is 55KW. 、75KW90KW

6. The fan motor power is 5.5KW,7.5KW,11KW and the exhaust air volume is 2800、3000 (7.5KW/11KW)cubic meters/hour

7.55kW/75KW/90KW new triangular electric cabinet start-upCan be customized

8. Stainless steel cooling drum 304 material

9. The motor power of the feeding fan is 1.5KW and powder output is 5 liters

10. 55 KW circular vibrating screen diameter 1 meter with a jump ball power of 1.1 kW

75 kW circular vibrating screen diameter 1 meter power 0.75 kW

90 kW circular vibrating screen diameter 1 m carbon steel power 1.1 kW

11. Bag dust removal Professional dust bag

12. Rated voltage 380 volts

13. Rated current of a 55 kW mill is 110A.Rated current of a 77KW mill is 145A.rated current of a 90KW mill is 180A

14. Grinding mesh 15-80

15. Grinding capacity of the 55 kw mill is PVC:300KG~500KG per hour (30 mesh).grinding capacity of the 75 kw mill is PVC:600KG~800KG per hour (30~40 mesh).grinding capacity of the 90kw mill is PVC:900KG~1TON

16. Diameter of the screen in the mill; 660 cm

17. Iron removal feeder for conveyor belt (The conveyor belt feeder of the 90 kW mill is extended.)

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